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Advance Security Solutions a specialist in manned provider company; venue management, manned guarding and crowd management. Placing public safety and customer service as the foremost thinking in every aspect of our planning. Our organisation is capable of assisting every client, regardless of the scale of their requirements or the complexity of their individual Our client management strategy involves developing an individual service to match the specific requirements needed, by creating a robust plan that can be amended as an on-going real time working document and service level agreement which is critical when establishing a team approach towards service and public safety. The company management team has collective experience in manned security provision, and a consistent aim to provide customers with the most cost effective service, without reducing standards or compromising public safety. Through continual reflection,revision and improvement of our operating systems, we are able to ensure provision of our service at the highest standard. We offer a broad range of services including; consultancy, project management, door supervisors, manned guards, close protection officers, event security, retail security, first aid officers.

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